I am available for general diagnostic and forensic evaluations, risk assessment and consultation, and expert witness services. Some examples include court ordered competency and mental state evaluations for criminal proceedings, dangerousness evaluations for adults and adolescents, and disability determinations for veterans and other populations.

Forensic Evaluation

I am available for evaluations for use in legal proceedings, both criminal and civil. I am well-versed in mental health law (RCW 10.77, 71.05, and 71.09) and have provided evaluations for the state under each of these statutes. I am also qualified to offer expert opinions in personal injury cases, disability claims, and other civil matters. 

The focus of my career has been on violence risk and threat assessments, and when there is a question of safety based on troubling behavior, such as threats in the workplace or school; I can offer analysis of the risk to self and others for adolescents and adults. 

Clinical Evaluation

I provide diagnostic evaluations for adolescents and adults. Some diagnoses, such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD have similar symptoms and a clinical psychological evaluation can help clarify these issues and provide treatment recommendations. 

I do not take insurance, but many carriers will reimburse clients with a Superbill submitted; available on request.


I have provided trainings in a variety of subjects related to violence risk, threat assessment, and psycho-legal questions. Some examples include; history and overview of mental health law in the U.S., the basic concepts of threat assessment, mental health overview for use in correctional settings, and identification and strategies to manage feigned symptoms. My trainings are tailored for a variety of audiences, from lay people to experienced mental health professionals.


I am available to consult with other licensed mental health professionals about concerns of violence and reporting requirements regarding their patients. My familiarity with the institutional agencies in WA State allows me to offer insights to policy and legislation writers concerning the intersection of the criminal and mental health systems. 


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